Mr. Lloyd went back to school (online) and received his MBA in healthcare administration (2017). Received his BS degree (cum laude) in health care management (2014).  He is a volunteer at a hospital in Los Angeles, CA over 4 years.  Also a classical/new age pianist 25 years.

When Mr. Lloyd was in junior college many years ago, he got into writing. He had to take a few required English courses and he did very well in all of them. His teacher picked a woman's story to read and his. Mr. Lloyd was so embarrassed. Ever since then he has been writing stories and novels. Unfortunately due to two divorces and moving, he's lost many stories and novels over the years but he continues to write more and more.

want to know a secret? Of all of his stories that Mr. Lloyd has written/typed, his favorite one is Soft Whisper From A Quiet Heart.  It is very intense and powerful. It deals with verbal abuse.

Well, th-th-th-that's all for now.

Keep smiling.  Know that everything will get better with this Covid-19 virus that came out of nowhere.  Be blessed!