'New Song'


I speak

don't know

where I am

but wherever it is

safety is there,


is there

speak in a whisper

never loud,

This is a new song

one that I just made up




listen to the silence

listen to the peace,

That's how I want it

that's how I like it

to be,




speak in a whisper.

This is my new song.

c p Lloyd E. Scott, 2020, 2021

In the Night

The night time is here now

where mysteries take place

it's quiet now

yet, it is not late

but it is quiet

now, here, in the night,

That howling dog

in the distance can be heard

can you hear it?


if you listen you can hear that

dog in the distance,

The night is upon us

and it's dark

really dark

that makes it time 

for the mysteries to 

appear and take place,

What was that?

what was that?

was that a knock on the door?


It is quiet now

nothing is happening now

that dog is quiet now

a train passed a while ago

but now it is quiet

I rose to my feet

to look out of the window

the wind frightened me

there was a gust that just 


looked out of the window

for a bit

but nothing was there

so I closed the curtain 

and went back to bed

The phone rang

it is after midnight

it says unknown

I did not answer it

then it stopped

rose again

and looked out of

the window,

to my surprise

there was a car in front

sitting there, just sitting there

Then a light came on

from inside

I saw a woman sitting there

looking at me,

then the light went out,

The phone rang again

it said unavailable

so I did not answer it,

then I heard a door close

and a car alarm,

A woman's heels could be heard

they got louder and louder

then they stopped

then the doorbell rang,

Hesitantly, I headed to the

front door and looked out to see

who it was,

it was the woman from the car

but I stood there and did not answer

the door,


a woman's voice said,


I sighed and looked at the ceiling,

Slowly, hesitantly, I unlocked the door

and opened it,

We stood there and looked at

one another,

I moved aside for her to 


I closed the door and locked it

she followed me to the bedroom,

I sat there and could not believe it

I was in disbelief.

In the Night

c 2020, 2021 Lloyd E. Scott